Minnesota Dance Theatre: Carmina Burana - Minnesota Dance Theatre (MDT) audience favorite Carmina Burana follows a long line of sensuous inspiration, from the silent songs of 13th century vagrant monks’ poetic homage to passion to Carl Orff’s brilliant orchestral adaptation of the ancient words. Under the direction of Lise Houlton, Loyce Houlton’s masterpiece brings the earthly rumblings of love and lust, mixed with the human pangs of fortune and fate, to a fully expressive celebration in a hedonistic romp of bodies, music, and movement. This sizzling multimedia performance offers a spectacular display of Twin Cities artistry. MDT’s sinuously prolific dancers are joined in energ...
Date Time Location Price
Fri Jan 18, 2019  7:30PM  Goodale Theater Minneapolis, MN  $22/$31/$41 
Sat Jan 19, 2019  7:30PM  Goodale Theater Minneapolis, MN  $22/$31/$41 
Sun Jan 20, 2019  3:00PM  Goodale Theater Minneapolis, MN  $22/$31/$41