The Sinatra Experience with Dave Halston
Sunday February 14, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Returning to Walhalla from Las Vegas - “The Sinatra Experience” - a brilliant tribute starring Dave Halston and his “Little Big Band”. Join us for an evening of music, fun and a zesty lineup of Frank Sinatra's most popular songs. This show is remarkably authentic. Performing with the original music arrangements, Halston brings the Sinatra swagger to life and a swanky Vegas vibe to the stage. Critics have raved about Halston's tribute to the iconic Sinatra, calling it "stunning", "spot-on" and “a brilliant interpretation”. After seeing Dave perform, Frank's widow, Barbara Sinatra, called his performance "Wonderful!". Like Sinatra, Dave's natural charm is captivating. He displays a commanding stage presence while effortlessly delivering that smooth ribbon of sound. Halston does what few performers can do – a tribute to "Frank" that entertains and satisfies start to finish!

Walhalla Performing Arts Center

101 East North Broad Street

P.O. Box 523

Walhalla, SC

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