Yacht Rock Revue
Friday October 25, 2019 @ 7:30PM
Dubbed "The Greatest Show on Surf" & the finest tribute to ‘70s light rock to ever perform anywhere.The Yacht Rock Revue is everything the late ‘70s & early ‘80s should’ve been: massive sing-along soft rock hits, tight bell-bottom jeans, impeccable musicianship, polyester shirts, glorious vocal harmonies, sunglasses at night, breezy dancing and sax … lots of sax. They’re a trip down memory lane that skips all the bad neighborhoods. It’s pure Escape. From Hall & Oates, Kenny Loggins & Michael Jackson to one-hit wonders like “Brandy’” & “Baby Come Back,” YRR brings stadium rock energy to the music you love. Hundreds of songs keep audiences guessing what’s next. Hear Yacht Rock on Sirius Radio Channel 70. Don’t miss your favorite smooth-sailing rock from the ’70s & ’80s!

Walhalla Performing Arts Center

101 East North Broad Street

P.O. Box 523

Walhalla, SC

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